Pregnabit device

Pregnabit is a telemedical device designed to support the work of doctors and midwives. It enables the CTG monitoring of pregnant women anywhere, anytime, especially when an additional visit to the doctor’s surgery is not possible or necessary. Pregnabit® combines well- known and proven features of a professional stationary CTG device, which is used in hospitals in the U.S. and worldwide, with the features of modern mobile devices. Our device uses 4 sensors:

  • FHR probe determines the value of fetal heart rate
  • TOCO probe measures the contractions of the uterus
  • Fetal movement marker
  • Wrist heart rate monitor measuring the mother’s pulse

Algorithmic data analysis distinguishes the heartbeat of the fetus from the mother’s heartbeat.

Pregnabit is a telemedical device that enables remote CTG monitoring of pregnant women, ahead of competition thanks to series of innovative technological solutions

Innovation, among others, builds on the use of its own integrated device based on an microprocessor and a dedicated operating system. As a result the system is reduced, using more software solutions, simplified production phase, improved speed of work and increased reliability. GSM / GPRS / 3G based communication enables almost unlimited territorial possibility of CTG readings transfer, which consists of recording the fetal heart rate while recording contractile function of the uterus. The manufacturer assumes the use of medical algorithms, which will support the work of doctors, midwives and help better prioritize the analysis of tests performed. Additionally implemented Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 in line with the global “Internet of Things” trends and gives unlimited possibilities when it comes to expanding to additional devices and communication with tablets or smartphones.

Innovative service

Pregnabit system is a combination of medical product with information technology service. It enables monitoring, ongoing analysis, rapid response and places the initial diagnosis via the Internet. Medical telemonitoring center will serve customers and patients, using mobile CTG. Center analyzes the results of studies carried out by expecting mothers at home. The center is not only a team of specialized medical staff, but also special algorithms that provides additional security, speed and quality analysis. Medical personnel has non constant access to a dedicated panel on the website, and is able to keep an eye on the records and analysis of records made by CTG Medical Center of Telemonitoring of all their patients assigned to the appropriate Pregnabit devices.

In the case of correct results the patient will be informed by SMS. But if something raises concern – medical personnel will initiate proper medical procedures, eg. ask for repeat testing or called an ambulance.

Technical parameters

  • Wireless data transmission (preinstalled SIM card)
  • Battery: Li-ion 2000 mAh, Input DC 5 V, 1A
  • Charger: USB
  • Input AC 100–240 V, 0.15 A, 50/60 Hz

Algorithmic data analysis distinguishes the heartbeat of the fetus from the mother’s heartbeat.

How it works

Pregnabit is a medical device, available exclusively to doctors and midwives.

Doctor / Midwife provides brief training.

Doctor / Midwife shares the device with the patient
, together with the accessories.

Pregnant woman may take the CTG tests herself, 
CTG tests may be taken by a specialist.

CTG test takes app. 30 minutes. Doctor / Midwife 
sets a schedule of CTG tests.

Results are sent to Medical Telemonitoring Center (MTC).

Medical Telemonitoring Center (MTC) archives CTG test results on secure servers.

Medical Telemonitoring Center (MTC) is run by qualified medical staff.

Medical staff secures rapid response in emergency situations.

Pregnant woman receives text notification if CTG result is normal.

24/7 unrestricted access to medical data.