For medical staff

What is Pregnabit?
The world’s first comprehensive telemedical solution for fetal health monitoring

Nearly 60 years ago, in 1957 Orvan Hess and Edward Hon developed the first device for continuous monitoring of the heart rate of the fetus. Since then, CTG equipment has undergone a number of upgrades. Time has come for a breakthrough.
Nothing can replace the experience and knowledge of professional medical staff. Pregnabit is a telemedical device, designed to support the work of doctors and midwives. It enables CTG monitoring of pregnant women at any time and anywhere, especially when an extra visit to the doctor’s office is not possible or necessary. Pregnabit combines well-known and proven features of professional stationary CTG device, which is used in hospitals worldwide, with the features of modern mobile devices. Pregnabit sets a new trend in the monitoring of the patients. It significantly raises the level of prenatal prevention. It is a medical device, available exclusively for doctors and midwives.

Pregnabit uses 4 sensors:

  • FHR probe determines a value of fetal heart rate
  • TOCO probe measures muscle contractions of the uterus
  • fetal movement marker
  • pulsometer

Pregnabit distinguishes a heartbeat of the fetus from the mother’s heartbeat through innovative data analysis algorithms.

How it works

Pregnabit is a medical device, available exclusively to doctors and midwives.

Doctor / Midwife provides brief training.

Doctor / Midwife shares the device with the patient
, together with the accessories.

Pregnant woman may take the CTG tests herself, 
CTG tests may be taken by a specialist.

CTG test takes app. 30 minutes. Doctor / Midwife 
sets a schedule of CTG tests.

Results are sent to Telemonitoring Medical Center (TMC).

Telemonitoring Medical Center (TMC) archives CTG test results on secure servers.

Telemonitoring Medical Center (TCM) is run by qualified medical staff.

Medical staff secures rapid response in emergency situations.

Pregnant woman receives text notification if CTG result is normal.

24/7 unrestricted access to medical data.

For whom

Pregnabit was developed for pregnant women for whom prevention is very important. Ongoing monitoring of fetal health can significantly reduce future mom’s stress level and has a positive impact on her overall well being. Early detection of threats, including through CTG measurements, may have a real impact on quicker response, thus gives a chance to implement a relevant medical procedure. This can be especially important in monitoring pregnancies preceded by problems with conception, when in vitro method was used, or in case of pregnant women who have experienced a miscarriage and complications.

It is not a consumer product, it will be available exclusively for doctors and midwives.

Benefits for doctor

  • possibility of a remote monitoring of patients between regular appointments
  • additional income
  • legal liability of experts from the Telemonitoring Medical Center
  • advantage in the competitive medical market
  • shortening visits to the doctor’s office
  • no need to engage extra medical staff
  • broader control of pregnancies with previous problems

Additional benefits for a midwife

  • greater independence and mobility in an own practice
  • additional source of income
  • possibility of expanding the scope of services provided both in the office and during patients‘ visits
  • strengthened position in the private medical market

Irregularities in pregnancy happen to be in about 20% of pregnant women. In contrast, concerns about the state of health of the child are common among most of women expecting the birth of their child. Most of pregnant women at least once during pregnancy, visited medical facilities in order to check if everything is well. One common test used is the study of the CTG. With Pregnabit, pregnant women, in a situation of distress, have very easy access to ongoing health checks. What is now a major change – it is all possible in a comfortable, home conditions.

What makes Pregnabit different

  •  Ongoing analysis of CTG records. The device collects data and the software, using appropriate algorithms, analyzes the signals from the probes.
  • The obtained results are sent to a specialist at the Telemonitoring Medical Center, gwhere they are constantly analyzed. In a short time, patient receives feedback on the status of health of her baby.
  • The use of algorithms to improve analysis of the records of CTG, reduces the risk of human error.
  • In addition, the use of algorithms and the use of survey database allows to determine parameters that inform about potential readings irregularities. The person making a particular measurement will receive an error notification in writing and a request to repeat the test.
  • The software allows the segregation of records in order from the most alarming ones that require urgent checking.
  • Immediate transfer of results from the measurements your doctor and / or midwife, conducting pregnancy, allows for rapid response to potential threats.
  • Pregnabit combines over 50 years of experience and trust of professionals to the standard CTG technology with innovative thinking. The device is small, portable and intuitive to use. Easy to take with you, it is housed in a purse.

What separates Pregnabit from already available solutions

  • Pregnabit is a certified medical product connected to the service call center. It is NOT another, commercially available consumer product. When it comes to the safety of the fetus – is a the specialist should recommend a solution that is trusted.
  • The use of the monitor allows you to observe the difference between fetal heart rate and maternal pulse, which allows proper placement of probes during measurement. Additionally it allows you to find the relation of individual indicators to measure. It is possible to automatically and remotely analyze and classify the data in Telemonitoring Medical Center. Thanks to the algorithm it is possible to segregate incoming test results on a scale of most concern, such as demanding the fastest check. This reduces the risk of human error, such omission by medical personnel results that require quick responses and commissioning of medical procedures designed to rescue pregnancies at risk.In the case of irregularities in the CTG immediately about the situation you will be informed specialist physician administers the pregnancy and / or midwife, and after their analysis will be made suitable medical procedure.
  • Mobility and ergonomics solutions. The great advantage of teleCTG used in the device Telemedical Pregnabit is its mobility. This Ccompact and ergonomic device, can be carried out in any place and at any time (where data transfer is available). This will allow much more complete monitoring of pregnant women and enable medical staff, located in a Telemonitoring Medical Center, a fully comprehensive approach to the patient.