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Board and the team


Jacek Gnich

President of the Management Board

A manager with over 20 years of experience as CFO and Board Member, and a financial expert by education. He has experience in managing production, service and technological businesses from the medical industry. He was responsible for projects worth more than 50 million PLN and has a proven track record in obtaining financing, both on the capital market and from EU funds. As CEO he managed commercialisation of innovative solutions in Europe and the United States, including marketing of a unique Polish product, patented in nearly 100 countries. His professional focus consists of the strategic, financial and operational management, and his motto is: “Let it happen if it can be done, make it happen if it can’t”.

Patrycja Wizińska–Socha, MD PhD

Board Member

Pioneer in the creation and commercialisation of telemedical solutions in perinatal care. Originator and co-author of the Pregnabit® system. Widely appreciated professional in the field of science and business. Holder of the honorary titles awarded by the MIT Technology Review: “Innovators Under 35 in Poland” and “Innovator of the Year 2016”. One of the 100 innovation leaders from the CEE region in the program: “New Europe 100”. “Businesswoman of the Year 2016” in the “Woman in New Technologies” category. Her profession is also her great passion. She enthusiastically approaches challenges, and loves teamwork. Pharmaceutical biologist by education. Graduate of Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Out of sheer heartfelt need, she earned a PhD degree at Wrocław Medical University.

Anna Skotny, MD PhD

Nestmedic S.A. Co-founder and Stockholder

She was responsible for the processes crucial for the Pregnabit® brand: design, execution and preparation for implementation on the market. She supervised the quality management process in accordance with the international standard for medical devices EN ISO 13485 and cared to take full use of its advantages. She was passionately involved in research on the development of technological solutions for pregnant women. Her aim was to ensure that all tests, not only clinical but also post-marketing, were carried out to the highest standards: always in accordance with test protocols, ICH / GCP regulations and FDA regulations. She always tried to make the Pregnabit® system a sense of security and comfort, both from the point of view of the healthcare worker and the patient. She claims that the highest value is the trust that the users place in the product.

Miłosz Jamroży

Director for Technology and Development

He is responsible for the product’s technological development as well as the market monitoring and planning. He has many years of experience in management and development of telemedical products, as well as in organizing factories for medical products according to quality management systems. Thanks to interdisciplinary knowledge he has ability to design modern devices adjusted to doctors and patient’s needs. He is Biomedical and Biocybernetics engineer and doctor by education. Interested in digitalized signal processing. Playing electric guitar is his main hobby.

Robert Woytoń, MD PhD

Medical Director and President of Medical Telemonitoring Center

He has been working on developing the Pregnabit® brand from the very beginning. He is a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. He works in the II Department and Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw. He is the author of numerous scientific papers, lectures, scientific presentations in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, including a chapter in a textbook for doctors and students. He studied and practiced in Wrocław and Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany. He is particularly involved in prenatal diagnostics and endoscopic gynecological treatment. He strongly believes that mobile technologies provide excellent support for doctors and patients. A fan of extreme sports.