17 Feb 2020

Mobile CTG from Nestmedic at the University Teaching Hospital in Białystok

Nestmedic is expanding the availability of Pregnabit – a telemedicine system for remote testing of fetal well-being in Eastern Poland. The Company has signed an agreement to supply mobile CTG devices to the Teaching Hospital in Białystok. The launch of cooperation was preceded by a pilot implementation programme. The hospital is yet another facility to offer remote CTG examination.          

The Teaching Hospital in Białystok is one of the largest hospitals in Poland and, at the same time, the most modern public healthcare facility in the Podlaskie Voivodeship with 35 units, 3 wards, 9 institutes and 50 outpatient clinics. The facility implements the national programme of coordinated care for pregnant women (KOC). The programme provides for an extensive and comprehensive care for expecting mothers, including during delivery and 6 weeks after birth.

– The Pregnabit telemedicine system has expanded the portfolio of perinatal care services at another public healthcare establishment. Indeed, this contract is of special importance to us. We are glad that our solutions are now available to the patients of one of the largest hospitals in our country. Based on positive feedback from the patients and medical staff alike, we hope that our innovative solution will be a basis for a long-term and successful cooperation, comments Jacek Gnich, Nestmedic CEO.

Nestmedic systematically increases the availability of its telemedical solution on the Polish market. The Company is currently conducting more pilot implementation programmes and negotiating further commercial agreements.

5 Feb 2020

A new investor to support Nestmedic in foreign expansion

Nestmedic, an innovative telemedicine company listed on NewConnect and the creator of Pregnabit mobile CTG, has signed an investment agreement with Agnieszka Kierner. A current member of the Supervisory Board is going to support the Company in its expansion to foreign markets. Agnieszka Kierner will take up 330,000 shares in the Company at the price of 1.50 PLN per share.

With the new investor and the capital injection of nearly half a million zloty, Nestmedic will be able to commercialise its flagship product – a mobile CTG device, known as Pregnabit, which is used to monitor fetal and maternal well-being at any time and anywhere, without having to visit a hospital or a clinic.

Agnieszka Kierner has been a corporate manager for 20 years. For many years, she worked as a HR director in one of the Polish start-ups which, following an impressive growth and success, was sold to tech giant, Atos. Her work was repeatedly acknowledged by various influential circles in the world of business. She has lived in the United States for many years now, currently in Boston – a centre of development of the medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and telemedical industries. She has long standing experience in investing in technological and telemedical businesses. A graduate of Executive MBA studies, a lecturer in management, strategic management and international human resource management at several international universities.

– Acquiring a new shareholder is a breakthrough for Nestmedic. We hope that new financial resources combined with experience and personal commitment of our new investor will make it possible for us to sign further commercial agreements on foreign markets. Starting from 2019, Pregnabit devices have also been available to patients in Finland and Bulgaria, comments Jacek Gnich, Nestmedic CEO.

31 Jan 2020

Nestmedic expands the availability of mobile CTG in other regions of Poland

Another Polish hospital has just started business cooperation with Nestmedic S.A. 10 telemedical Pregnabit devices for mobile CTG are now at the disposal of the Independent Public Health Care Centre in Głubczyce. Remote CTG testing will expand the Centre’s offer of perinatal care services. The labour ward of the hospital in Głubczyce was in the top ten of the “Childbirth with Dignity” ranking. This is the Company’s third contract with a Polish healthcare facility since the beginning of December.

With the Pregnabit telemedical system in place, pregnant patients of the hospital in Głubczyce will be able to perform the CTG examination at any time and anywhere, without having to visit the facility. 10 devices will expand the equipment base of one of the most renowned maternity wards in the Opolskie Voivodeship.

– We are systematically expanding the availability of Pregnabit mobile CTG in Polish healthcare facilities, including in hospitals from outlying locations. The hospital in Głubczyce is another public hospital that has decided to purchase our telemedical solution, thus expanding its service proposal for pregnant women, says Jacek Gnich, Nestmedic CEO.

The popularity of the Pregnabit system is constantly increasing. In 2019, the system was used for 3093 examinations all over Poland.

Recently, the company has established cooperation with major hospitals in Warsaw, Biała Podlaska and Białystok. At the same time, a pilot implementation programme is underway at Diagnostyka’s blood collection facilities: Pregnabit – a mobile CTG device is currently available at selected establishments of the network in Kraków. In addition, starting from 2019, Pregnabit telemedical CTG devices have also been available to patients in Finland and Bulgaria.