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    About us

    Our mission is to support health care professionals, to bring every pregnancy to happy end.

    Our story started in 2013, when a personal tragedy inspired our CEO, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, PhD, to design and introduce a patient friendly, clinical grade, mobile CTG.

    The product - Pregnabit - and the platform were ready in 2017 and market launch started at the end of 2017.

    Nestmedic is listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

    Nestmedic’s CEO, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, was awarded the title of „Innovator of the Year 2016” by MIT Technology Review.

    Nestmedic has also received a medicine technology award – a distinction for “the most innovative product at the fair” by the organizer of the International Healthcare Exhibition (WIHE).


    Pregnabit device

    Pregnabit is a telemedical mobile CTG device registered as medical product in class IIa CE. Pregnabit combines well - known and proven features of a professional cardiotocography machine with the features of modern mobile medical machine.

    Pregnabit device uses the following sensors:

    Pregnabit platform

    Available online through a standard web browser for medical personnel and patients.

    The platform contains set of functions to cover all the processes required to provide efficient remote diagnostic for pregnant women in third trimester of pregnancy.

    Pregnabit - How it works?

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    Pregnabit - How it works?
    • Pregnabit is a mobile cardiotocography machine registered as medical product in class IIa CE, available to patients through doctors and midwife.
    • Doctor / Midwife provides brief training to the patient
    • Doctor / Midwife shares the Pregnabit CTG set with the patient
    • The pregnant woman may take the CTG examination herself
    • The CTG examination takes 30 minutes
    • TeleCTG test is sent to the Medical Telemonitoring Center for analysis
    • The Medical Telemonitoring Center is run by qualified and experienced medical staff
    • Medical staff secures a rapid response in emergency situations
    • The pregnant woman receives a sms text notification if the CTG test result is normal
    • Pregnabit CTG telemedicine platform enables 24/7 online access to service and medical data for registered users
    • The data is avaiable 24/7 so the future mom can be sure, her baby is safe.
    Pregnabit - main features
    • professional comprehensive telemedicine solution certified as a medical product in class IIa CE
    • complete system that can be used on any market
    • neasy to use and transport mobile CTG machine with a built-in GSM card allowing easy transfer of CTG examination
    • easy (24/7) online access to CTG tests and results
    • patient's self-monitoring (set of medical parameters)
    • pregnant women EHR (electronic health record)
    For parents

    Why is it worth using the Pregnabit CTG telemedicine system?

    • It is possible to safely carry out a CTG monitoring on your own, almost anywhere – at home, on vacation, during the weekend.
    • Should any threat be recognized, a prompt and decisive actions are taken by the medical telemonitoring centre.
    • User-friendliness of a professional CTG, which is an intuitive and small machine.
    • Ability to access online current and historical CTG tests, both by the patient and the doctor or midwife.
    • Reducing to minimum the need of doing CTG examinations in medical centers resulting in reducing travelling and queuing times.
    • Convenience, comfort, intimacy and the opportunity to participate in the tests of our loved ones.
    For medical staff

    Why is it worth using the Pregnabit CTG telemedicine system?

    • Possibility of continuous remote monitoring of patients in the third trimester of pregnancy,
    • Access to a qualified and experienced team of experts at the Medical Telemonitoring Center
    • On-line access to current and historical patient's CTG tests and results,
    • Comfortable diagnosis of CTG for patients, also in home conditions,
    • Opportunity to stand out from the competitive offices / clinics by offering an innovative service


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