18 Jul 2019

Will telemedicine build coverage in African countries? Definitely YES!

Pregnabit was presented by our Nigerian partner – Health Cross Global Medical Solutions Company Limited – during the Annual Scientific Conference of the Association of the Fetomaternal Association Specialists of Nigeria (AFEMSON).

Our solution aroused interest of experts and medical staff of hospitals in Benin and surrounding areas participating in the event. The first tests of Nigerian patients using Pregnabit teleCTG should start shortly.

11 Jul 2019

Nestmedic as a participant in the International Mission in the UK

The PFR BioMed Academy is underway. One of the items in its agenda this week is the International Mission in Nottingham. It is attended by Sławomir Bartoszcze, a Nestmedic representative for foreign expansion.

The PFR BioMed Academy is an international educational initiative targeted at companies that stand a chance to become leaders of the Polish medical and pharmaceutical industry. Nestmedic is one of the 15 Polish companies from the MedTech sector being the PFR BioMed Academy laureates.

Between 1 and 5 July 2019, as part of the Academy agenda, the International Mission takes place, the coordinator of which is the British Embassy in Warsaw – the main partner of the programme. The event takes place at Nottingham Business School. There, representatives of the winning companies participate in workshops devoted to the requirements and characteristics of the British medical and pharmaceutical market. At the same time, the workshops provide a perfect opportunity for international networking with businesses that develop new technologies on the British market.

The BioMed Academy is organised by the Polish Development Fund (PFR) and the event partners are: the British Embassy in Warsaw, PFR Ventures, and Nottingham Business School.

11 Jun 2019

Open Day at the Health Centre for Women and Children in Zabrze

Last Saturday (June 8th), we took part in the most recent edition of the periodic event known as the Open Day at the Health Centre for Women and Children in Zabrze.

The event attracted not only expecting mothers but the entire families. This year’s topic was the “Safe Child”.

Parents had an opportunity to visit hospital departments, talk to the medical staff of the Health Centre for Women and Children, and learn about the Pregnabit system, which has been available at the facility for several months now, and can be borrowed by all patients interested in using the service.

We would like to thank everybody for nice meetings and conversations! We wish you all a healthy and happy pregnancy, and encourage you to use the Pregnabit system.