The first comprehensive
telemedical CTG solution
for fetal health monitoring

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Pregnabit combines well-known technology professionals trust with mobility that future mothers expect.

Nothing can replace the experience and knowledge of professional medical staff.
Pregnabit is a telemedical device, designed to support the work of doctors and
midwives. It enables CTG monitoring of pregnant women at any time and anywhere.


Nearly 60 years ago, in 1957 Orvan Hess and Edward Hon developed the first device for continuous monitoring of the heart rate of the fetus. Since then, CTG equipment has undergone a number of upgrades. Time has come for a breakthrough. Pregnabit combines well-known and proven features of professional stationary CTG device, which is used in hospitals worldwide, with the features of modern mobile devices.

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  • remote monitoring between regular appointments,
  • additional income,
  • legal liability of experts from medical monitoring call center,
  • advantage in the competitive medical market,
  • shortening visits to the doctor’s office,
  • no need to engage extra medical staff,
  • broader control of pregnancies with previous problems.

Pregnabit is a medical device and, like stationary CTG – is not available for sale to patients.

Awards and recognitions

Nestmedic’s CEO has been awarded „Innovator Of The Year 2016” by MIT Technology Review.

Telecom’s technology accelerator Orange Fab has awarded Nestmedic with distinction in Poland.

New Europe 100 — changemakers in Central and Eastern Europe. Res Publica, Google, Visegrad Fund and Financial Times selected 100 innovation leaders from CEE region. Our CEO, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha is on this list.

Distinction for „the most innovative product at the fair” by the organizer of International Healthcare Exhibition held in Warsaw (WIHE).

Pregnabit among the winners of GO_GLOBAL.PL competition organized by the National Centre for Research and Development. In the recent edition GO_GLOBAL.PL experts evaluated 80 applications for funding. The most innovative companies won, the ones planning to commercialize their solutions in world markets.


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